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2015 Tuck Fest Half Marathon

2015 Tuck Fest Half Marathon

The gun went off and racers hurled themselves down the course. La Sportiva athlete Ryan Woods had a strong lead from the start as he led out the pack of runners eager to challenge themselves on the windy trails of the USNWC. With over 20 miles of trails cutting through the lush forest, the runners enjoyed breathtaking views of the Catawba River, opulent foliage- plump and green from the recent rain, tall oak trees, and scampering critters.

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Andrew Fast's Review of the D-Lux Jacket

I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies over the years. I feel extremely fortunate to have the relationship that I do with La Sportiva. They have been a huge supporter of my mountain running and human powered objectives. In the coming months and years I plan to bring readers along as I work with La Sportiva and other supporters in effort to create the highest quality gear possible. Without further adieu, a product review.

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Buddy Jones Test Drives the Bushido!

La Sportiva Mountain Running Athlete Buddy Jones just received the new Bushido and is psyched to say the least! Check out his review of the newest product from our Mountain Running line including technical info and real feedback from the trails of Southern California.

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Lessons Learned: Georgia Death Race 68-mile Trail Run 2015 - 03/26/2015

I cursed a lot. I almost started crying.

By the time I was back up to the highway crossing, I was frantic. I found the small trail heading down into the wooded abyss on the other side of the highway (you could see flagging about 100-feet downhill in a headlamp beam once you were on the opposite side of the road). Running angrily downhill through every bit of pain, I was nearly hyperventilating. More...

Ventana (single) Cone Adventure - 02/18/2015

After carefully analyzing topographic maps and satellite imagery I saw potential for an aesthetic route from the depths of the Carmel River Canyon directly to Ventana (single) Cone, arguably the most remote major summit in the Ventana Wilderness. Only an average of one party a year visits Ventana Cone and all appear to access via the 2 mile bushwhack from Pine Ridge. More...

USATF Half Marathon Trail Championships 2014 - 10/27/2014

A runner on my heels yelled to me to get up which is always good advice as it usually starts hurting if you don't get up and run right away. I bounced up and ran the rest of the way in a little fatigued and scraped up but no worse for wear. More...

Injury as a Lesson in Acceptance - 03/23/2015

The past year or so has been all about learning to accept a whole bunch of things. I wasn't doing very well at it, but life has a way of showing us what we need to know, nudging us along, if only we'll listen. In late January I injured my back, and found myself flat out for days. I'd keep starting back up training and having repeated setbacks - boom, flat on my back again and again, while my snowshoe racing season went down the drain.


The Wednesday evening before my weekend race in Moab I found myself in the supine position, watching as little tiny needles were being jabbed into my calves, feet, and hips. What is this blasphemy you may ask? Acupuncture. More...

Season Opener 2015 -Hillbilly Half Marathon - 03/13/2015

Having won the Hillbilly Half last year I was really looking forward to the race this year. I put the race on my calendar and booked my plane tickets 6 weeks or so before the race. I knew the competition would be higher this year as last year there were two Mountaincup races on the same day and this year the race would be the first of the series which always brings a few more people in as the race offers bonus points. More...

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Ryan Woods on Obstacle Course Racing

Ryan Woods on Obstacle Course Racing

Some of the Mountain cup races, like 7 Sisters, are so gnarly technical that even when OCR events send you straight up the side of a mountain I’m ready.  Now when you’ve got to lug a sandbags half a mile on top of that mountain...that’s a different challenge.

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Meet The Team

Laura Haefeli

Laura Haefeli

La Sportiva and Honey Stinger athlete, Laura Haefeli has won 7 Mountain and Trail National Championship titles, made 5 World Mt. Running Teams, been named Mt. Runner of the Year 5 times, and was the first U.S. Woman ever to win a medal at a World Mt. Running Championship. She also married into a beekeeping family.  Here is what she has to say about beekeeping and trail running.

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